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BMCC Brugge voorgevel met M+ toegankelijkheidslabel

The Flemish Tourism Board has awarded the very first ‘M+ label’ to the Bruges Meeting & Convention Centre. This officially makes the BMCC an easily accessible conference infrastructure.

What is the M-label?

Meeting venues can distinguish themselves by being granted with the protected label ‘accessible meeting infrastructure’.

The label guarantees meeting and conference organisers that the BMCC is easily accessible for everyone, as it sets criteria not only for wheelchair users, but also for people with a hearing or visual impairment.

For the design, the construction team thought carefully about how visitors move around the building. They should be able to do so in a logical and intuitive manner. This is not obvious because the building has many level differences. The rooms can be rented out separately, which means that visitors with a disability must also be able to reach each individual room conveniently.

“We are extremely proud of having been awarded the M+ label. Now we can assure meeting, fair and conference organisers that their guests are truly welcome here, including those with a disability. For BMCC, this is a great asset. The result is impressive. We are really grateful to the City, the construction team and Inter,” says Sarah Cornand, Director BMCC.


  • Barrier-free access paths close to the station and in the direction of the BMCC as well as at the BMCC
  • Easy access via public transport and by car
  • Underground bicycle parking – above-ground alternatives
  • Parking for staff, exhibitors and residents
  • Adapted parking spaces available
  • Visitors AP on the square
  • Underground public car park ‘t Zand
bmcc ingang


A high level of accessibility throughout the building was a critical consideration. It already starts at the entrance. Thanks to clever technical interventions, the doors are easy to operate by anyone.

adapted furniture

The counters are partially lowered to accommodate wheelchair users and visitors with reduced mobility. All meeting tables are wheelchair accessible. Low reception tables are available.

visual contrast

Stickers are affixed to the windows and the doors are painted in contrasting colours to accommodate visitors with a visual impairment.


listening support

The auditorium is also suitable for visitors with a hearing impairment. They can download an app that sends the sound from the microphone directly to their hearing aid.

car park

The underground car park is equipped with 7 reserved adapted spaces  for wheelchair users. These spaces are located near the entrance to the BMCC.

bmcc liftsas

voice activated lifts

To accommodate visitors with a visual impairment, the lifts can be operated with voice instructions. The goods lifts can be voice operated by visually impaired employees and suppliers.


access to stairs

Demarcation studs alert people with a visual impairment where stairs start or end. The stairs are also fitted with handrails to provide additional guidance.


adapted auditorium

In the auditorium, the first two rows of chairs can be removed to accommodate wheelchair users.


Attention was paid to every detail. In the adapted toilets, mirrors, soap dispensers, clothes hooks etc. are mounted low on the walls.

Ideal location

You can easily reach the Bruges Meeting & Convention Centre on foot, by bicycle, by public transport and by car. The BMCC is located in the heart of the historic centre of Bruges, within walking distance of numerous hotels, historic attractions and world-famous museums.

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