bee symposium at the BMCC

Bee symposium in the conference centre of the BMCC

On the 20th of May, Week of the Bee has celebrated its 10th anniversary together with the city of Bruges at the Bruges Meeting & Convention Centre in Bruges. This symposium was entirely dedicated to the bee. This event attracted more than 300 participants. It included a plenary session in the auditorium on level 1, workshops in the 12 meeting rooms on level 3 and they enjoyed a lunch on level 4.

The conference centre has an auditorium for 516 people with a spacious foyer. On level 3, there are 12 meeting rooms. There is a VIP room and a catering area on the fourth floor with a beautiful view of Bruges for 500 people.

View photos of the beautiful event at the Bruges Meeting & Convention Centre here.

Meeting in the heart of a world heritage city makes every event unique. 

Hosting an event in the heart of a world heritage city centre like Bruges is unique. The BMCC is located in the heart of Bruges, within walking distance of hotels, tourist attractions and world-famous museums.

  • The direct train journey from Brussels Airport to Bruges takes only 80 minutes.
  • Bruges has 3400 hotel rooms within walking distance of the BMCC.
  • The BMCC has a maximum capacity of 2500 people.
  • The BMCC is a sustainable venue thanks to the solar panels, heat pumps, green roof,…

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