BeeMCC honey

The Bruges Meeting & Convention Centre makes its own BeeMCC honey on a green roof.

The Bruges Meeting & Convention Centre (BMCC) is taking a new innovative step towards sustainability. The two beehives installed on the green roof of the BMCC are home to as many as 100,000 bees. These hives not only provide a thriving bee population, but have also generated a significant honey yield. Together, they produce +- 80 kg of BeeMCC honey.

Bees play a crucial role in maintaining biodiversity and promoting the pollination of plants. The Bruges Meeting & Convention Centre recognises the importance of bees to the ecosystem and has taken action to have a positive impact on the environment. Placing hives on the roof creates a welcoming environment where bees can thrive.

The honey project is a symbol of our commitment to the environment and forms part of the bigger picture of our sustainability strategy and the achievement of the United Nations’ strategic goals on sustainability. The BMCC obtained another ‘Green Key’ label at the end of June, allowing us to now officially call ourselves a sustainable event venue.

Conference attendees meeting in the meeting rooms on the third floor of the BMCC have a view of the green roof with the beehives. BeeMCC honey can be purchased by organisers of events at the BMCC as promotional gifts for speakers or VIP guests, for example.

Bruges is the most important bee city in Flanders. Thanks to this brilliant initiative, the BMCC is helping to restore the bee population in Bruges and, as such, we are developing a sustainable and green environment.

BeeMCC honey: honey for busy bees

BeeMCC honey is a natural product, and it comes from our bee hives on the green roof of the BMCC If you would like to order some honey for your speakers, participants or fellow organisers? Contact the BMCC team and we will be pleased to assist. We have honey jars containing 500 g and 125 g.

Meeting in the heart of a world heritage city makes every event unique. 

Hosting an event in the heart of a world heritage city centre like Bruges is unique. The BMCC is located in the heart of Bruges, within walking distance of hotels, tourist attractions and world-famous museums.

  • The direct train journey from Brussels Airport to Bruges takes only 80 minutes.
  • Bruges has 3400 hotel rooms within walking distance of the BMCC.
  • The BMCC has a maximum capacity of 2500 people.
  • The BMCC is a sustainable venue thanks to the solar panels, heat pumps, green roof,…

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