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MNM What’s NXT is a three-day technology event hosted by MNM, VRT, Radio 2, Voka West-Vlaanderen, Stad Brugge, POM West-Vlaanderen and Provincie West-Vlaanderen at the new BMCC in Bruges from Thursday, May 12 th  2022 until Saturday, May 14 th 2022. For three days, more than 60 companies showed at more than 4000 students how they are helping to build an innovative and sustainable future.

Watch the movie and pictures here.

A A prime location with many possibilities. The team is always willing to think along. Christine Maes VRT

Meeting in the heart of a world heritage city makes every event unique. 

Hosting an event in the heart of a world heritage city centre like Bruges is unique. The BMCC is located in the heart of Bruges, within walking distance of hotels, tourist attractions and world-famous museums.

  • The direct train journey from Brussels Airport to Bruges takes only 80 minutes.
  • Bruges has 3400 hotel rooms within walking distance of the BMCC.
  • The BMCC has a maximum capacity of 2500 people.
  • The BMCC is a sustainable venue thanks to the solar panels, heat pumps, green roof,…

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